The professional customer service team guarantee the company can know very well the customer's demand, behavior and preference. Therefore it is possible for company to do best to meet the customer's satisfaction.

      Customer's need is our need. The company spend utmost effort in providing the best customer service possible.

      Once you have chosen us, you'll be at ease everyday!

      We hold that maintenance does not mean service. No matter how well the service people behave, inconvenience still will be brought to the customers once the product needs to be repaired. Service should be, in its true sense, satisfaction on the part of the customers, since customers buy products for use not for repairing .SHRI has been devoting itself to the overall improvement of its after-sale service.
      SHRI's service commitment endows new meanings to services. Customers will receive the value of respect as well as professional service from our products. "Once you have chosen us, you'll be at ease everyday" is truly made on the basis of high quality products.